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  •  The library:

It is the universal and renewable container for all types of knowledge, science and scientific research and works to provide and facilitate access to information services necessary for the purposes of excellence education and scientific research through the library's sources of information in various forms and types to serve the individual and society.



a - The continuous supply of scientific branches of the Department with the information resources needed by faculty members and research students and continue to update and provide them constantly.

b- Development of office systems in line with modern advances in library and information services.

c- Facilitate the library services for all users from the university and beyond, and enable them to access the sources of book references in the best ways.

d- Creating the appropriate atmosphere within the library for study and research.

e- Continuous development of department library administrators.

f- Contribute to the service of the community through the participation of the department in scientific activities and events related to the establishment of scientific exhibitions and others.

Library sections and administrative and technical units


The Library of the Department of Chemical Engineering / University of Technology consists of the following divisions:

  1. Technical Procedures Division: It includes everything related to the request, receipt, configuration and preparation of sources of information (books, theses and dissertations, periodicals - periodic scientific journals, etc.) and placed in the service of beneficiaries and it consists of the following units:
  • Supply, Exchange and Dedication Unit: This processing unit can enrich the library with some new publications by giving and buying, where the unit works to register books with records of the library as well as the sorting of surplus books for the purpose of exchange or entrust them to other libraries and/or educational institutions. There is a committee to buy and prepare the requirements for purchase.
  • Indexing and Classification Unit: It handles the book in a technical way (descriptive indexing), and that means showing the book in a style that makes it easier for the recipient to obtain it, based on classification lists and Dewey decimal system. This work requires specialists in the field of information science and libraries. After completing this process, the book goes to the supply unit for the purpose of completing the registration process in the records. The classification card is then received by the Systems Division for inclusion in the library system (i.e. Automatic Index - WINISIS). The source gives to the employees responsible for the loan to be available to the beneficiaries.
  • Unit Issuing the Identity: It is responsible for issuing identities (Identity cards – ID cards) to students, faculty members and postgraduate students.
  1. Division of Automated Systems: It is concerned with the use of information technology in office procedures and services. Its work includes networks, internet, databases, library website, technical support for index and everything related to the use of modern technologies in the library and consists of the following units:
  • Electronic and Digital Library Unit: It is preparing electronic disks, which come from a paper book and also organizing of the electronic library for the master dissertations and doctoral theses of our department. Where the bibliographic information of the library is uploaded on the Library website.
  • Virtual Library Unit: It trains and directs all postgraduate students and faculty members for how to use the contents of this library and register or view them through the central library site, which is part of the university site, where it is one of the largest Iraqi scientific libraries and contains scientific references and journals published periodically.
  • Computerized Index Unit (Automatic Search): It inserts the bibliographic information card into the database library system as well as the availability of automatic search for beneficiaries from inside and outside the department.
  • Internet Unit: it follows up the internet lines dedicated to the library.
  1. Beneficiary Services Division: This Division provides services to faculty members, postgraduate students and undergraduate students. Its main functions are: Lending books, preparing a statistic in the numbers of the loan or the numbers of the beneficiaries, arranging the books on the shelves, reporting the late books and sending notices to the late beneficiaries to return the borrowed resources in addition to ensure the presence of scientific references in their correct places according to the classification numbers. This division consists of the following units:

       (A) Loan Unit: Its mission is to provide internal and external loan services for the contents of the library from books, theses, dissertations and other scientific journals.

      (B) References Unit: It Includes references of Handbook and important dictionaries that are not for external borrowing (i.e. internal borrowing only). Also, it provides a service of ask the library in order to give an answer to everything related to the work of the library, whether technical or services related to the transfer or loan the scientific references.

      (C) Scientific Periodicals Unit: a magazine or a newspaper published at regular intervals includes all the engineering specialties taught in the department for internal borrowing and reproduction (i.e. making a copy of a particular publication) only. This unit is responsible for cataloging and classification of these scientific journals.

      (D) Unit of Dissertations and Theses: It includes all the master dissertations and the doctoral theses related to the department.

      (E)  Reproduction Unit: It is providing a service to the users to make a copy of any publications from the sources of information and references available to researchers.

  1. Division of Administration: The duties of the Administrative Division related to the library's assistance in achieving its objectives and the most important functions:

      a- Responsible for developing archiving system for the department files as well as save and categorize files.

      b- Provide the appropriate work tools for the library staff, while taking full care of the library of the department.

      c- Working to identify the type of library tools that are available (in circulation) and provide them permanently.

      d- Announcement of library activities.       

  • Instructions and regulations for the library:
  • The Library provides the sources of information in its various forms, types and subjects, in order to meet the needs of the beneficiaries.
  • Scientific organization of the sources of information to ensure access to them quickly, accurately and easily.
  • Providing information services to beneficiaries according to scientific methods.
  • Instructing beneficiaries on how to use the library and all available services and techniques in the field of access to scientific resources.
  • Technical supervision of the library of the Department.
  • Providing technical consultations in the field of libraries for all those who request them from individuals or entities.
  • Cooperate in the field of libraries inside and outside Iraq to achieve mutual benefits.
  • Participate in activities provided by others in the field of library competence.
  • Holding special exhibitions and participating in exhibitions held by others.


  • The community of beneficiaries, their categories, specialties and scientific levels:
  • Students of the preliminary stages (undergraduate students) of all scientific branches in the department.
  • Postgraduate students (i.e. Higher Diploma, Masters and PhD).
  • Faculty members and researchers for all departments and specialties.
  • All researchers from outside the university (e.g. B.Sc., H.D., M.Sc., Ph.D. and university professors).
  • Information services provided by the library:
  • Loan service (internal, external) for information sources such as Books, journals published periodically, masters dissertations & doctoral theses, references, dictionaries… etc.
  • Reservation service for information sources.
  • Search the automatic index.
  • Paper Reproduction service by making a copy of the scientific
  • Electronic reproduction service by making a copy of the CD.
  • Preparing a guide of abstracts for all theses available in the library.
  • The ongoing briefing service, which is the process of reviewing the various documents and sources newly available in libraries.
  • Website service.
  • Periodical statistics on loan movements for each category:

(It is a statistical for the academic year from 1/1/2018 to 20/9/2018)





Undergraduate Students


Postgraduate students: (Diploma, Master and PhD


Faculty Members



The loan movement for researchers from outside the department in all their categories and levels does not have any external borrowing, but rather their direct dependence on other library services such as paper and electronic reproduction services …etc.

The following is a table of the number of beneficiaries from the Library of the Department of Chemical Engineering:




Undergraduate Students


Postgraduate students: (Diploma, Master and PhD


Faculty Members


Announcements and upcoming events

Top students

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