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Green Technology Team



Encouraging the practical, applied and specialized aspects of the Chemical Engineering and Environmental Pollution Branch in order to induce their role in preserving the environment through the creation engineering designs that serve the economy of our dear country.


Graduation of engineering cadres with high potential in the application of academic, practical and specialized aspects in the treatment of oil and industrial pollutants through the preparation of designs and integrated systems of plans, programs and pilot research projects and activate coordination and twinning with oil and industrial institutions.


  • Contribute to the preparation of engineering projects to address environmental pollution in oil refineries and industrial plants, as well as work on the monitoring and evaluation of various environmental problems and the development of methods of treatment and research in alternatives and modern engineering techniques.


  • Spreading a culture of environmental engineering awareness in all aspects of the work of the chemical engineer and adopting precise standards that promote environmental and renewable energy projects.


  • Exchange of experiences, scientific consultations, provision of laboratory services and encouragement of joint cooperation through the exchange of experiences in the completion and implementation of research projects that serve the industrial and oil sectors.