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the pioneers founders of the Department

  Department was founded in 1975 by each of the professors listed below ( Iraqi):
  Dr. Ali Al-allak                                             1975-1980
  Dr. Hasib Yahya Ahmed                              1980-1989
  Dr. Mohammed Salah Hamed                     1989-1994
  Dr. Safa Aldin Abdullah                               1994-2001 
  Dr. Mohammed Jawad Kadhem                  2001-2003
  Dr. Mumtaz Abdul-Ahed Yousef                 2003-2012
  Prof.Dr. Thamer Jasim Mohamed              2012-2017
  Asst. Prof. Dr. Jamal Manee Alrubay         2017-2018

Asst. Prof. Dr. Dr.Khalid Ajmi Sukkar         2018-2019

Asst. Prof. Dr. Jamal Manee Alrubay         2019-till now


C.V. (En) C.V (Ar) Name
Dr. Mohammad Fadhil Abid
Dr.Mohammed mustafa Al- mezragje
Lecture Dr.Karima Marogi Putrus
Lecture.Fatin F. Saffu
Assistant Professor Dr. Balasim Ahmed Abid
Professor Dr. Mumtaz Abdul-Ahed Yousef
Assistant Professor Dr.GHANIM.M.ALWAN 
    Professor Dr.Safa Aldeen A. Al-Naimi
     Professor Dr. Niran K. Ibrahim
Assistant Professor Dr.Nahidh Wadea Kasser
Assistant Professor Dr.Nidhal Mahmmod
    Lectuer Layla A. A.Ahmed
     Assistant Professor Dr. Issam Kamil Salih
    Assistant Professor Dr.Najat J. Saleh 
    Assistant Professor Dr.Mohammed I. Mohammed  
Assistant Lecturer Dr.Kamal Mohammed Ahmad
Lecturer .Dr.Nabilah Adel 
Assistant Professor Dr . Shahrazad Rifat Raouf
  Assistant Lecturer Dr.Shatha Ahmed Sameh
Lecturer Dr. orooba N.Abdullah
Lecturer .Dr.Eman Jwad
Lecturer. amel thajeel jebur
Lecture . Ebtisam Hussain Mahdi 
Dr.Intisar Hussain Khalaf
Dr. Anaam Akram Sabri
Nidhal Ahmed Shaker

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