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The Department of foundation

About Department - The Emergence  

  The Emergence of the Department:
     The chemical engineering department was established in 1975 to be one of the distinguished departments in the university. It accompanied the development of the university in providing the necessary possibilities to come with the technological and scientific process to graduate specialized geometrical staff.  

     The department is considered the main party in the process of industrial development in which it is interested in physical and chemical technological process used in covering the row materials to other products by mixing the industrial technology and the new scientific concepts, then producing the developed and new transformational processes in the lab to be applied industrially with concentrating on the economical side and the technical standards of the production process are to be take into consideration.   

    The chemical engineering filed includes a wide range of industrial sectors like oil refining and gas industry and various chemical, food, pharmaceutical, biochemical, and construction, in addition to providing clean drinking water and processing industrial waters to control on environmental pollution.

     The main qualifications of the chemical engineer are to be qualified to conduct economic Feasibility for the new production plants in addition to planning, designing, constructing, operating and managing these processes in a way to quality him to be a leader in controlling the process. Also he has to be able to become aware of the scientific and industrial development to construct modern industries or to modernize an old industrial method of production.

     This is achieved by reviewing continuously scientific papers and the various industrial and economical   studies.

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