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Quality Division

Division of Quality and University Performance                                   

The development of higher education and the advancement of the educational institution need to lay the foundations of improvement and modernization and provide the elements of creativity and innovation, and the profound and radical changes that have affected the society in all different fields and the necessitate to link university education to the daily needs of citizens, which requires reconsidering the functions of universities, and how to provide appropriate outputs for the labor market have the capacity to free thinking and constructive criticism and logical analysis and creative imagination and the adoption of economic competition on the ability of human knowledge to production and access to advanced fields of science. Therefore it requires the development of human skills and the improvement of cadres and capabilities can handle the output of this era and adapt to its consequences. Therefore, emphasis is placed on the development of university performance and performance indicators, and a system for accreditation of university in order to ensure the quality and the continuous development of university systems. There is no doubt that the need for planning requires the realization of change in university education at the global level in the light of the following topics: - students, curriculum, the objectives of educational programs, faculty, education output, continuous development, facilities and services, institutional support. Accordingly, the divisions of quality and university performance in the Iraqi universities had been established since 2008.


The most important tasks of the Division of Quality and University Performance are :

  • Spreading a culture of concepts of quality and evaluation of performance in higher education and their role in the service of the individual and society and seek to hold of periodic seminars and meetings to raise awareness and promote awareness of the definition of the culture of performance evaluation and quality accreditation and explain its importance with a view to reaching the scientific quality standards.
  • Prepare calendar files
  • Arab Universities Union file.
  • The calendar files of the university performance.
  • Evaluation files of the performance of senior university leaders.
  • Evaluation files of the performance of faculty members.
  • Evaluation files of the performance of university staff (employees)
  • Self-assessment report file-SSR according ABET criterion.
  • Good laboratory accreditation file-GLP.
  • Preparing the annual UNESCO report of the self-assessment for the department and identifying the strengths and weaknesses points.
  • Preparation and analysis of questionnaire forms for evaluation of the educational process (performance of professors, courses, laboratories and academic facilities, academic advising) by students, questionnaire of graduates' assessment by employers, exam questions questionnaire.
  • Evaluation of the educational process by graduates through the questionnaire forms.
  • Preparing the quarterly bulletin (brochure) of the scientific and cultural activities for Department and students.
The Department of Chemical Engineering held a course on (Methods of maintenance of oil pumps) in
Asst. Prof. Dr. Riyadh Sadiq al-Mukhtar, head of the Chemical Processing Engineering Branch,
Chemical Engineering Department holds a course on (safety and security in oil installations) in
  The University of Technology announces the start of direct application on the departments of
The head of the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Technology; Asst. Prof. Dr.
The Department of Chemical Engineering held a training course on (Design and construction of
In order to support the graduates of the Department to obtain employment opportunities on the
Asst. Prof. Dr. Khalid Ajami Sukkar the head of Chemical Engineering Department, in cooperation
              Asst. Prof. Dr. Taleb Mohamed Nayef the head of Chemical Engineering and Oil Refining
          Under the auspices of the President of the University of Technology Prof. Dr. Emad

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