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vision,mission and objectives

About Department - Vision ,Mission and Goals  

  The Vision:
The  Department of Chemical Engineering is seeking to achieve the scientific privacy of the department  through providing the students with practical experiments and abilities, this vision is so clear by its scientific branches which are : Chemical Process Engineering Branch, Chemical and Petroleum Refining Engineering Branch, Chemical and Environment Engineering Branch. The department is depending on performance and quality to achieve creativity and the development of chemical engineering field.

  The Mission:
to prepare geometrical staff in the chemical engineering field to serve the country and work on making researches and practical studies in this field and solving the industrial problems which occur within it.

  The Goals:
Chemical Engineering program is been carefully to prepared for students for the profession of chemical engineering through study, experience and practice to:

a.    To prepared engineers with basic scientific and chemical knowledge.

b.    To give the graduates the ability to design the factories which are related to the chemical, petroleum, petrochemical and food industry.

c.     To prepare graduates able on operation and management of the chemical factories through concentrating on the theoretical and practical side.

d.    To enrich the learning process with the high studies curriculum and the applied scientific researches, also stressing on its role to serve the society and solving its problems.

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