The postgraduate in chemical engineering department have been introduced immediately after the graduation of the first session in 1979 during the opening of the higher diploma study and master's degree in industrial units. The higher diploma was subsequently awarded by means of courses system during the period of one calendar year followed by a second year for completing of specialized dissertation in industrial units field on the way to award master's degree. Soon after, other disciplines were added in order to study the masters within the scope of chemical engineering such as petroleum refining engineering, petrochemical industries and materials engineering.

After nearly eight years of opening the postgraduate studies in chemical engineering department, the doctoral study has been established in 1987 in line with the country's need for staff in the scientific disciplines in chemical engineering. These studies are also based on the style of courses for one academic year, followed by a comprehensive exam (written &| oral). Once passing this examination, the registry to prepare the specialized thesis in one of scientific disciplines in chemical engineering will be required over the two years of research, which may be extend later where necessary.

In order to keep up with scientific development accelerated globally and catch up with the rapid expansion of the circumferences of science and all the innovations that counting within the field of chemical engineering, in 1998 a new specialty in the study of master's degree in chemical engineering has been created, this includes a biological engineering. Afterward in 2001, the study of the higher diploma in oil and gas refinery engineering was also started within the duration of a calendar year by the use of courses scheme and followed by the preparation an applied research in the field of scientific competence as a part of the certification requirements.

Then the chemical engineering department was expanded in the study of the higher diploma through the opening of new disciplines such as industrial pollution engineering in 2002 and petrochemical industries in 2004, while this expansion was also included of the development of other disciplines such as petroleum refining industries and petrochemical within the master's study to attract the elite of graduates from the oil and gas refinery engineering branch with the purpose of providing more graduates with advanced knowledge in the fundamental topics in chemical engineering and also preparation of specialized personnel as well as activation of scientific, academic and applied researches in various fields of chemical engineering.

The postgraduate studies in the chemical engineering department were consequently enlarged to follow the scientific method of cooperation and joint supervision with the professionals and researchers in the petroleum and industrial fields and also with the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Electricity with the aim of transformation different knowledge and experience from the academic site of the University to the scientific application fields and vice versa.


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Form for adoption of the scientific research project

1-      The subject of research should be within the scope of one of the approved lines of research in chemical engineering department as attached in the list below.

2-      Research had already been completed is not recorded by scientific committee, while the period of time between the date of approval the registration of research and accepted for publication should not be less than three months.

3-      The research is considered as a completed research when either it's submitted to the publication or to the point of contractor about it, while the scientific committee in the department confirms this achievement in the next session of its notification to do so by the researcher.

4-      Either changing the title of the research or adding other researchers to the research team ought to be done before the completion of no more than 40% of the research, and may also be changed of address during the publication period without affect the essence of the research, but only for once.

5-      The registration of the research may be canceled or may be requested for an extension period to facilitate completion the research by means of convincing justifications provided via the researcher himself, otherwise registration is canceled.

6-      The scientific assistant of the head of department pursues the completion of the registered researches within the specified period of time for each of them, whereas the research that is not done within this period seems to be canceled research, unless there is a requisition to extend the period of achievement.

7-      Scientific committee in the department shall track the path of research and may verify from the requirements of implementation the registered research, and also interview research team prior to registration in order to ensure the availability of the essential scientific sobriety for the registered researches.

8-      Researcher should be provided a scientific honesty in the introduced research to register and will be punished through the avoidance from recording any other research for a period not exceeding than two years as determined by the scientific committee, if it turned out to be otherwise, in addition to any other disciplinary sanction that might be specified via the university and/or the ministry.

9-      Researcher may not be able to the completion of his research outside the department only after obtaining an agreement from the scientific committee with the presence of so necessary justifications.

10-  Research may be registered in corporation with researchers at universities and/or other government institutions after submitting proof of registration in the place of which is searchable.

11-  Research teams are organized on the basis of the integration of competence and active participation of all members of the research team and avoid the adoption of kinship in this formation, unless there is a scientifically convincing justification for that.

12-  Lecturers at the university may be able to accomplish any research in the areas related to university education or human subjects within their competences.

13-  Determine the number of registered research according to the scientific grade to ensure fast delivery so that the number of underway registered researches does not increase than three researches for both a professor and assistant professor, whilst only two researches for both a lecturer and assistant lecturer.


Lines of research in chemical engineering department

1-      Control and Simulation.

2-      Membranes Technology.

3-      Environmental Pollution.

4-      Nano Technology and its Application.

5-      Petroleum Refinery.

6-      Catalytic Engineering and its Application, and Reactor Design.

7-      Renewable Energy.

8-      Thermodynamic Engineering.

9-      Corrosion Engineering.

10-   Polymer Technology and Composite Material.

11-   Chemical and Petrochemical Industries.

12-  Heat Transfer