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  Council Department
Council of the Department contain all of the following:
  1. Prof. Jamal Manee Alrubay
  2. Prof. Dr. Adnan A. Abdulrazak
  3. Lect. Dr. Walla’a Abdul Hadi Noori
  4. Prof. Dr. Khalid A. Sukkar
  5. Prof. Dr.Asawer A. Alwasiti
  6. Asst. Prof. Dr. Zainab Yousif Shanin
  7. lect.Basheer Ahmed Abdulhussein
  8. Lect. Dr. Manal Afham Toma


  Head of Department 
  Name: Prof. Dr.Jamal Manee Alrubay
  Date of receipt of the position : 18/12/2019 
  General Specialty: Chemical Engineering
  Specialization: Transmission phenomena

 Scientific Deputy of the Head of the Department

Name:  Prof. Dr. Adnan A. Abdulrazak
 Date of receipt of the position: 1/8/2019
 General Specialty: Chemical Engineering
 Specialization: composite material

 Administration Deputy of the Head of the Department

 Name: Lect. Dr. Walla’a Abdul Hadi Noori
 Date of receipt of the position:16/8/2017
 General Specialty: Chemical Engineering
 Specialization: Transport Phenomena

 Head of Chemical and Petroleum Refinery Engineering Branch

 Name: Prof. Dr. Khalid A. Sukkar
 Date of receipt of the position: 26/8/2021
 General Specialty: Chemical Engineering
 Specialization: Transport Processes and Multiphase Reactors

 Head of Chemical Process Engineering Branch

 Name: Prof. Dr.Asawer A. Alwasiti
 Date of receipt of the position:1/9/2021
 General Specialty: Chemical Engineering
 Specialization: Transport phenomena 



 Head of Chemical Engineering and Oil Pollution Branch
 Name: Asst. Prof. Dr. Zainab Yousif Shnean
 Date of receipt of the position: 3/3/2019
 General Specialty: Chemical Engineering
 Specialization: transport phenomena material technology



 Representative of Academic Staff
 Name:lect. Basheer Ahmed Abdulhussein
 Date of receipt of the position: 4-12-2018
 General Specialty: Chemical Engineering
 Specialization:Corrosion Engineering


 Name: Lect. Dr. Manal Afham Toma
 Date of receipt of the position: 1/4/2018
 General Specialty: Chemistry sceince
 Specialization:Polymers chemistry & Membrane Technology