The American University of Iowa discusses a doctoral thesis on thermal shock technology for Haider Alaa Al-Jaafari

The University of Iowa in the United States of America discussed the tagged doctoral thesis (THERMAL SHOCK AND ANTIBIOTIC COMBINATIONS FOR BIOFILM INFECTIONS ON MEDICAL IMPLANTS). The thesis of the scholarship student Haider Alaa Al-Jaafari from the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Technology included a proposal to use the remote thermal shock technique to treat injuries locally without the need for any surgeries. Where the surfaces of the devices implanted with the bacterial layer are heated using an alternating magnetic field. Both the time and temperature required to treat three of the most common bacterial species associated with medical implants were studied. The effect of using antibiotics with thermal shock in treating these injuries was also studied. The results showed that thermal shock can successfully eliminate these bacterial infections and that the use of antibiotics during treatment can significantly reduce the time and temperature of shock required to complete the treatment. These results are considered the cornerstone in the development of alternative treatment for medical implant injuries, which will save the patient from the trouble of performing surgeries and length of recovery or hospitalization period, in addition to saving billions of dollars annually. The discussion committee consisted of the members listed below: Prof. Eric E. Nuxoll, Thesis Supervisor Prof. David W. Murhammer,Prof. David G. Rethwisch,Prof. Syed Mubeen,Prof. Jacob M. Elkins.