An online seminar for postgraduate students about (developing the properties of the streamlined flow and heat transfer of lubricating oils produced in local oil refineries by adding nanomaterials to them)

Within the scientific and cultural season of the first semester of the Department of Chemical Engineering, a discussion seminar was held online for postgraduate students (PhD) / research stage on Tuesday, 16/2/2021 by the student Alya Muhammad Awad entitled (Development of the properties of flow and heat transfer for lubricating oils Produced in local oil refineries by adding nanomaterials to them). The student showed that building a unit for the production of additives to nanomaterials from hydrocarbon wastes left by refineries or factories and added to the stock of essential oils produced by local refineries in Iraq and the production of lubricants with specifications comparable to international oils in terms of performance and quality. As well as doing an examination and evaluation of the thermal specifications of the improved oils, and the seminar was attended by the head of the Chemical Engineering Department, Prof. Dr. Jamal Manea Ali Al-Rubaie, and a group of faculty members.