The Registration Division of the Chemical Engineering Department accomplishes the graduates' documents in degrees through the establishment of an operating room for more than 500 graduates

In order to support the graduates of the Department to obtain employment opportunities on the ministries of the State, especially the scientific initiatives launched by the Ministry of Oil to accommodate the graduates of the Department of Chemical Engineering, the staff of the Registration Division has started over the past few days to complete more than 500 documents in degrees for the graduates of the Department. These documents were completed under the direct supervision of the Head of Department and completed in record time on the same day through the establishment of a daily operations room in the Registration Division. It is worth mentioning that the Department of Chemical Engineering includes three scientific branches, all of which serve the oil sector in the field of oil refineries and industrial sectors supportive.

1- Chemical Processing Engineering Branch.

2- Chemical Engineering and Oil Refining Branch.

3- Chemical Engineering and Oil Pollution Branch



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