The Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Technology discussed the master’s thesis titled.

Study the Effects of Various Operating Parameters on the Creating Biomass via Microalgae to Remove Methylene Blue Dye and Mercury from Synthetic Wastewater in Airlift Reactor
The student's thesis (Ali Hussein Ali) aimed to produce biomass from modified green algae inside a set of photobioreactors in order to use it as an inexpensive adsorbent to remove mercury ions and methylene blue dye from industrial wastewater in the air bridge reactor. The highest removal efficiency achieved was 95.7% and 98.9% for mercury ions and methylene blue dye, respectively. The maximum adsorption capacity was 750 μg/g for mercury and 30 mg/g for methylene blue, obtained in the best conditions. The results of the examination (FTIR, SEM, EDS) also showed the efficiency of this method in removing pollutants.