The President of the University of Technology supervises the work of the green technology team to plant seasonal seedlings in the Department of Chemical Engineering

Within the University of Technology program aimed at promoting sustainability and the green university, and under the patronage of Professor Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Hassan Al-Ghabban, President of the University of Technology, the volunteer work of the Green Technology Team in the Chemical Engineering Department to plant seasonal plant seedlings was supervised on Thursday, 1/4/2024, in the presence of members of the University Council. Technological. The university president stressed the high interest in the issue of sustainability in engineering and scientific applications, as it constitutes an important foundation in the university’s technological goals for a green university. On the other hand, the university president praised the volunteer work carried out by the green technology team of students and professors of scientific branches in the Department of Chemical Engineering because of its role in promoting environmental culture. It is worth noting that the Green Technology Team was established in the Department of Chemical Engineering in 2018 and is concerned with green environmental activities and promoting the concept of sustainability in academic work and engineering designs.