The Department of Chemical Engineering holds its general assembly in preparation for the first semester exams

 In preparation for the end of the first semester exams, the Department of Chemical Engineering held a meeting of the General Faculty of Teachers in the presence of the representative of the President of the University of Technology, Professor Dr. Farhad Muhammad Othman, Assistant to the President of the University for Administrative Affairs, on Wednesday, 12/20/2023.

The Commission discussed the most important topics that would advance academic work and develop the educational process. The assistant president of the university listened to the proposals of the professors, which aim to improve the pioneering role of the university professor in order to serve the community and improve the quality of performance. For his part, Professor Dr. Khaled Ajami Sukkar expressed his thanks to the university presidency and the teaching staff for their efforts made during the first semester and the scientific excellence the department has achieved in the field of purposeful scientific publishing. At the end of the meeting, the efforts of Professor Dr. Jamal Manea Ali were appreciated by the representative of the university president with a certificate of appreciation for his previous efforts in managing the department.