The Department of Chemical Engineering / University of Technology congratulates evening students for their admission to the department

Head of the Chemical Engineering Department Jamal Manea Ali Al-Rubaie congratulates the evening study students for their admission to the department and wished them a successful academic year, on Sunday 17/1/2021, where the department head stated in his speech that the department is very happy with the presence of new students and stressed the need for their commitment to the procedures Preventive and hygienic and was also received by the students gentlemen heads of branches and professors of the first stage and the Student Reception Committee to help and guide them about what they need, students at the university. Where it was explained to them that permanence is the blended education system, which was approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, meaning that theoretical lectures are taught electronically and practical lectures in the department in the presence. A tour was made for the students in the department's halls and laboratories, as well as a visit to the training centre and laboratories to introduce them to them, after which the e-mail was distributed to the students for the purpose of preparing for e-learning and communicating with the professors from the first day of their enrolment.