The Department of Chemical Engineering / University of Technology holds electronic seminars (seminars) for postgraduate students: PhD / Master

 The Department of Chemical Engineering at the University / Technology held electronic seminars (seminars) for graduate / doctoral and master’s students on Wednesday 8/26/2020 to discuss their research and in the presence of the supervising professors for their research. Each student has been allocated 20 minutes for the presentation, 10 minutes for discussion) and they are each student Dr. Omar Sabah, title of his research: An arithmetic and experimental study of heat transfer and dynamics of the two-particle mixture in the three-phase fluidized bed reactor, and PhD student Mortada Sabah, title of his research: A study of converting waste into fuel: an applied example of converting plastic waste into fuel, and a master’s student, Sarah Mazhar, her research title: Preparation and Diagnosis Eco-friendly composite membranes for use in the separation processes. The seminar was held on the FCC platform.