Faculty members of the chemical engineering department participated in the international conference of an advanced technology conference in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Prof. Dr. Thamer Jassim Muhammad, Dr. Anam Akram Sabri, Dr. Janan Abdel Karim, Dr. May Ali Muslim., lecturer Taghreed Lotfi,  and lecturer. Mohamed Abdel-Rahman from the Department of Chemical Engineering have participated in the First Engineering and Advanced Technology Conference in the Arab Republic of Egypt - Assiut University to participate in the conference. The First International Conference on Advanced Engineering and Technology, which was held in the Arab Republic of Egypt at Assiut University with Al-Mustansiriya University - College of Engineering, University of Al-Qadisiyah - College of Engineering and University of Birmingham, for a presentation from 11-12 / 2/2020. The conference included two sessions: The first session included the opening lectures of the conference: in which topics of different engineering specialties were presented according to the conference themes in the topics of architecture engineering, technologies, software engineering, methods of treating and recycling plastic pollutants by lecturers from the University of Jordan, Assiut University, Ukraine, and technology in Iraq. Continuing the conference themes: architecture, architecture, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, petroleum, and medical devices.

Prof. Thamer Jassim Mohammed was chaired for the first session of the opening of the research meeting within the axis of chemical engineering, oil, and medical devices, as well as commissioned Dr. Anam Akram Sabri the decision of the first session to deliver research within the axis of chemical engineering, oil and medical devices and was delivered the research in the opening session of research within the axis of chemical, oil and medical engineering. The conference concluded with a set of recommendations and the distribution of certificates of appreciation to researchers.