The Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Technology held a seminar for one of the doctoral students in the department


According to the department's presidency's directives represented by the chairman of the chemical engineering department, Dr. Jamal Manee Alrubay, the department held a seminar for the Ph.D. student, Saja Mohsen Jabbar. She presented her progress on her Ph.D. research entitled (Application of Nanoporous Material in a Membrane Adsorption Reactor (MAR) as an Integral System for Removal of Pollutant Wastewater). This seminar was performed on Monday, May 18, 2020, through an online meeting. Saja explained during the seminar that (adsorption systems - membranes) or so-called hybrid membranes as an integrated system of global interest. Hence, the research aims to prepare and diagnose the nanomaterials MCM-41) to evaluate their activities as adsorptions to remove organic pollutants, especially dyes, from wastewater using the process of adsorption of the system of continuous meals and system and then conduct experiments by membranes and then compare the results with the hybrid system.