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      Postgraduate in Chemical Engineering Department 

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    Chemical Engineering Department Program

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     Names of graduates of undergraduate studies in the Department of chemical Engineering   Postgraduate alumni Undergraduate Alumni  

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    Graduation Projects Preliminary studies

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  • E-learning

    Department of chemical Engineering - university of Technology E-Learning using Google Classroom E-learning has been activated in the Department of Chemical Engineering

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    Lectures for Chemical Process Engineering Branch Lectures for Chemical and Petroleum Refining Engineering Branch Lectures for  Chemical and Environment Engineering Branch

Committee for Student Affairs


1.Dr. Walla’a Abdul Hadi Noori                  Chairman of the Committee

2.Dr.Manal Afham Toma                                 Committee member

3.Dr.Ali AbdulRahman Nsaif                           Committee member

4.Alyaa Eisam  Mahdi                                 Committee member

5. Khalid Mansour                                        Committee member

6.Abeer Sameer Mahmood                          Committee member

7.Saja Ahmed Mostafa                                Committee member

8. Duray Adal Fakhri                                    Committee member

9.Haidar Jassim Abdula                             Committee member

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