Legal Unit


        Duties pertaining to the work of the legal unit in the department

  1. Legal advice for all legal aspects related to the career work.
  2. Official support and guarantee bails for students in the undergraduate studies in the Department.
  3. Scholarship bails inside and outside the country.
  4. Scholastic pledges (Partial Fellowships) for Doctoral Students.
  5. Scholastic pledges for all students who had the discontinued files and unsuccessful.
  6. The investigative boards for the discipline of students and the discipline of state employees.
  7. Personnel department contracts and daily wage contracts.
  8. A review of the courts on the establishment of a case concerning the counterfeiters of students' documents and any action contrary to University rules.
  9. Ratification of the memorandum of understanding between the university and either the private or governmental colleges in the areas of academic / scientific / research / cultural / training and development.
  10. Contracts related to the mechanism of cooperation with the ministries of the state to obtain a master's degree for postgraduate studies.
  11. Ratification of pledges regarding the badges for vehicles of either the university staff or the academic professors.
  12. Put the file plan for postgraduate students within the applicable study plan.